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Bike tour

New is coming. In the stores we buy healthy products labeled as bio or eco, we quit smoking, start running, go to the gym and in the garage we leave the car and change to a bicycle. Well, bike. Not only healthy but also ecologically. We are aware that we are not breathing air in our car and we feel very good about it. We can also practice (riding on a bicycle) and move to work, to the shop, to a meeting. Two in one. The fashion for bicycles is so good and you do not have to complain that just like every fashion has its own rights. Bicycles we can buy in any color size and style … Trekking bicycles, urban, racing, mountain, acrobatics, children, retro, choppers …. In principle, everyone can express themselves through the bike and its price … and prices range from 500 to 400000 PLN (although the upper limit does not exist): “show me your bike and I will tell you who you are.” Some enthusiasts do their own bikes themselves, giving them an individual, unique character, using various materials available, for example: wood.

  Bike rides makes happy also the city government, seeing the huge benefit for street traffic (the more bike on the street, the fewer traffic jams) and started to build bicycle paths, and where it is impossible to mark paths for bicycles on existing streets. This is very important, because not every driver follows cycling fashion, and some drivers behave like from the previous era and do not want to see bicycles on city streets. Such drivers treat cyclists as enemies on the road. Therefore, it is better to separate the path at least until the mentality of drivers changes. In addition, cities help to finance city bike rentals. Renting is very cheap and easy. All you need is an application on your phone and a small prepayment (usually PLN 10) and you can enjoy cycling. We do not have to invest in our own equipment and place to store it.
Bikes are also an idea for spending time together with your friends, with your family or on a date! Because bike paths are not only streets but also parks, boulevards and areas where traditional car traffic is forbidden, for example: the old city and historic places.
Good fashion for bikes! I hope it will not pass quickly!