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Long May weekend in Warsaw

For the long May weekend everyone wants to leave the city somewhere. To the sea to the mountains or to Masuria to the lake … traffic jams and crowds everywhere.
Meanwhile, there is no crowd in Warsaw and you can enjoy many attractions. During the day, the beaches on the Vistula are open, and there are not only bars but also places where you can grill or light a bonfire yourself, so an offer for every budget. Promenades are an area where you are allowed (according to the law) to drink your alcohol, which favors picnics with wine or beer.
In the evening there are free concerts in the open air or in tent halls. Fireworks shows and numerous illuminated fountains near the old town.
Throughout the day (and night) you can use the city bike veturillo. There are many bicycle paths in the whole city where you can ride with children. Renting is simple just an application on the phone and a small payment of 20 zlotys, there are a lot of bikes almost 5000 and almost 400 stations in Warsaw. Renting a bike is also cheap: the first 20 minutes for free, the first hour is PLN 1, the second hour is PLN 3. The rental shop also offers children’s bicycles, tandem double bicycles and electric bicycles.
At the Vistula (the largest wild river in Europe), cruises from Warsaw to Serock and back. The cruise is six hours, and the start at Port Podzamcze (old town). You can also sail on the Loewentin ship from 1982 (!). During the cruise the guide tells you about the city’s history. Still another (and probably the easiest) form of cruises is a rivercar that runs between the old town and the port of Czerniaków. A boarding ticket is a regular bus ticket.
In Warsaw, you can also rent kayaks, preferably using the offers of companies that, after the rafting, take a kayak and you back to the parking. Not only Wisła canoe. You can also start from the Świder river. The rafting starts on the beach in Józefów, where Świder floats peacefully and spreads wide. Then, you will get to the Vistula with bends among forests. There the river is already accelerating .. Another river is Jeziorka. Rafting starts in Piaseczno. Then it flows through Konstancin-Jeziorna (this is the most beautiful section), then you have to move your canoes through the dam near the old historic factory in Konstacin and then calmly in the fields up to the Vistula.
In Warsaw, numerous foundations also organize thematic walks and activities for children. (For the playgrounds that are plenty in the next article) For example, Zachęta’s gallery organized an exhibition for children, “I see everything as art.” There is a space where children can naturally make collages, build and create, and by the way find out a lot about art without being bored.
Warsaw is of course museums and galleries, but in the May weekend there are also special exhibitions. For example, in the Arena Ursynów hall on 5 and 6 May the first inaugural magic festival “Magic Jungle” took place. This is a great opportunity to see bloodthirsty plants that can be bought at the end of the sales zone.
This is not everything, of course. Everything can not be described, but I hope that I showed that Warsaw can be a great place for a long May weekend. If you click on this link you will see our offer of tours from Warsaw