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Auschwitz – Museum of Memory, one of the most important places in Poland. Existing in the years 1940-1945, the symbol of the Holocaust. Also referred to as the “death factory”.
German Nazis deported to Auschwitz at least 1.3 million people over 20 nationalities. 400 thousand of them were registered and imprisoned in prison as prisoners. Jews constituted 85% of all deportees and 90% of the total murdered.
Out of the 1.3 million deported to Auschwitz, at least 1.1 million died.

In the Auschwitz camps, a group of German physicians began unethical and inhumane medical experiments on prisoners on a large scale. Treating them as an easy and cheap experimental material, they conducted experiments in various fields of medicine, pathology, and genetics.

This is a place that every man on earth should visit. So that nothing like it will happen again …